Janet Morrow exhibition

I went in to the opening of the Janet Morrow exhibition at Surface Gallery tonight. It was the first opening I’ve been to at SG and I went as a viewer rather than as a volunteer since I needed to get away early. I was impressed with how many people turned out for the opening event. The place was packed.

I didn’t think to take my proper camera so the following shots were only on my Nikon P5100. Apologies for the limited quality. I’ll remember the D90 next time. Though several people seemed to have ‘real’ cameras so better shots should appear later.

I’m also trying out a new Mac-based blog editor (MarsEdit), so hope this works. These are pretty much in order that I took them. I’m dreadful at remembering names so will largely not even attempt to name the people I know.

20110613-DSCN5607 20110613-DSCN5609

These show Janet herself and her husband in conversation. I spoke to Janet before the show got going and when I left. I have to say she is one of the nicest people I have met.

20110613-DSCN5611 20110613-DSCN5612 20110613-DSCN5613

More pics.

20110613-DSCN5614 20110613-DSCN5615 20110613-DSCN5616 20110613-DSCN5617 20110613-DSCN5619 20110613-DSCN5621 20110613-DSCN5623 20110613-DSCN5624 20110613-DSCN5627 20110613-DSCN5628 20110613-DSCN5629 20110613-DSCN5630 20110613-DSCN5631 20110613-DSCN5634 20110613-DSCN5635

I’m still finding my way into the volunteering with SG but hope I can contribute more to the next exhibition. They really have a great gallery. I’ll be in the gallery Friday and Saturday so hope I get time to consider Janet’s works better.

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