Typical of the Southland region of New Zealand, these windswept and salt damaged trees really do demonstrate the nature of the area. This was taken on the drive from Manapouri to Riverton.


The stark bright greyness of them against the clear skies is quite arresting.

Another example.

More windswept

Almost as if they’re scrambling over each other to get away from the wind.

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  1. Do these trees use sycamore-like seeds for wind dispersal? I could imagine their DNA including a switch somewhere that says “if you are in a cell subject to high levels of sustained, unidirectional bending stress, you are on the windward side of some sister trees, so stop seeding and switch to protective lignin production to streamline your siblings”.

    • No idea what type of tree they are, Patrick. But they are prolific in the area so imagine some adaptation must have taken place. Maybe they aren’t bent by the wind but just grow that way to let the wind flow over them ;).

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