Empty room 2

I reworked my attempt at Hopper’s ‘Sun in an Empty Room’ (see post from 2 days ago).

Hopper Room 2nd try

As I suggested before, this time I worked up a large batch of base colour (about 2/3rds yellow ochre and 1/3rd cadmium yellow) and another batch of grey. I then applied the base colour to each section and worked the grey into it to achieve the right tone. The grey was too light at first so I added more black to part of it. Made a bit of a mess of the trees outside the window: I’m not good at conveying leaves. Will have to have a go at that at one of the classes I think.

Most of the work involved much dry brushing so the colours that I had before were able to contribute to the final colour. The colours aren’t as Hopper had them but the tonal variation is close and that is largely what I was aiming for. I wonder if, instead of using grey, I ought to have used a brown as the adjustment colour. But since that would have been made with red/yellow/blue, it would have combined with the base colour in, to me, unpredictable ways.

Pretty happy with this. Better than the previous attempt anyway.

I’m not sure whether to try this one again with my teacher on Wednesday so I can learn how to do it properly or tackle a different Hopper. Will probably try a different one and see what I can learn from that.

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