Empty room

In my new art class, I’m going to be trying to copy a Hopper painting next week so I thought I’d have a go at it first. Try to make as many mistakes as possible so I can ask how to avoid them when I get into class. The one I tried today was, ‘Sun in an Empty Room’. The image I worked from was up on Flickr, I think, but I cannot find it again so have uploaded my own copy.

Hopper Room

I also have this in an exhibition catalogue from the Tate a few years ago and the colours are quite different. In fact, even the image above looks different to that which I printed out.

I slapped on a base colour and drew some of the outlines yesterday.

Hopper Room, outline

Then, today, tried it myself. Erk!

Hopper Room, 1st try

Well, at least it is colourful. Nothing like any of the colours in Hopper’s, but.

I’ll have another go tomorrow. What I think I need to do is mix up a huge batch of some intermediate tone of colour for the walls, slap that on each section and then work the change colours into that. I tried mixing each of the above colours individually, with the obvious disastrous result.

Maybe leave the light sections as they’re not too far off and just work on the darker colours. We’ll see how it goes.

It was fun though. I do love Hopper’s work.

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