Painting: landscape continued

Had another go at the landscape painting I started the other day. I did indeed break out the better brushes I had and the sable ones were brilliant. I only used one but it held its point and was much easier to use. I’m not sure I improved the painting, though. Certainly, it’ll need more work.

dark hills 2

As far as I can see, the two things I need to work on are somewhat contradictory. I need to blend separate parts of a whole thing so that they look like the one thing, eg the dark and light bits of the hills look too apart, and I need to show that separate things really are so, eg two hills of the same colour need to look distinct somehow. I’m sorely tempted to take a pencil and outline all the hills Smile.

I think, perhaps, I’ve added washes that are too different to the underlying colours, or too intense, eg the red bits of the foreground.

I also have a pretty unsteady hand so find it hard working in A4 but that is what we’ll be doing in the new class so I’d better get used to it.

Maybe one more try tomorrow.

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