Painting: start of landscape

In one of my photographic magazines, I found a really nice picture of hills and clouds which I thought would make a nice subject for a painting. Here’s a scan of the photograph (from Digital SLR Photography, I think, possibly the May issue – don’t have it any more or I’d credit the photographer). Pretty poor quality scan so I don’t suppose the photographer will mind me uploading it as no one is going to want to steal it.

dark hills cutting

I wanted to try the technique of starting with light washes and then adding to them so that the image is built up.

I started with washes of a light blue sky, yellow ochre foreground and rose middle ground, figuring they’d give the best starting points. I then added layer after layer of different washes (white, purple, green on the sky; blue, grey and yellow on the middle ground; yellow, grey and green on the foreground) ending up with the following.

dark hills

Still got a long way to go. Bits have got a little out of hand so I’m wondering whether to continue adding to it or leave it like this and ask the new teacher on Wednesday about how to continue.

I also think I need to move away from my rough brushes and finally start using the decent sable ones I’ve got. It is difficult to get fine lines with the current ones.

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  1. I like this -especially nice fluid style, without distracting detail. Use your best brushes, by all means!

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