Painting: messy collage

I planned on doing an abstract painting based on a collage. I took a photographic magazine and cut diagonal strips out of a sequence of pages then pasted these onto a piece of acrylic paper. This I then covered with clear gesso to provide a surface for painting. Unfortunately the gesso isn’t as clear as I thought it was going to be with the following as the result.

collage painting 01

Those are actually straight lines along the top but the paper was pretty warped on the easel when I took this photo.

I will try covering another collage in gloss or matte gel sometime to see if that works better.

The next idea was to work over the collage in thin swirling lines of paint. For this I took some flow improver, added it into a plastic yoghurt pot (cleaned out and with a notch cut into it for pouring) and then put paint into that. First I used a lot of flow medium and a little rose paint. This poured well but then spread all over the surface. So much for smooth lines.

Next I tried a little flow medium and more paint but it didn’t pour. I added enough flow medium to get it moving but all that came out of the pot was occasional drops of runny ultramarine. Ditto for the cadmium yellow I tried next. I had to push it out of the pot using a brush. Still ended up with splotches and spots.

I gave up and took a palette knife to the painting.

collage painting 02

I left that to dry and was going to toss it but then wondered if I could improve it any by blocking out sections using lines and curves of black paint.

collage painting 03

Hmm. Not really. I think I’d better invest in some liquid acrylic in squirt bottles AND lessons in abstract painting.

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  1. Antonio Basso

    Hi Tony,

    like very much the way you explain and show your tryes. Best luck

    Antonio Basso

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