These are probably the best pictures I’ve ever taken. Not just because they look quite good but because they were taken from the front deck of a small-ish boat, standing up, hanging on desperately with one hand to the back of a seat while the boat heaved up and down in 1m+ waves. So that left me holding my D90 in one hand trying to follow the flight of this albatross as it wheeled about in the skies above the boat.

albatross #1

albatross #2

I have to hand it to the D90. As long as I kept the albatross in the viewfinder, it kept it in focus.

I did suffer for it though, after all that twisting my head about, I got quite seasick on the voyage back – and that was in much calmer seas.

These were all taken on the Monarch Wildlife Cruise just at the entrance to Otago Harbour. A great experience.

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