Work in progress (I hope)

I’ve not posted any art work for last week. Our classes at Gallery 18 are finished; I’m starting another in a few weeks but the interim is me working on my own. Or not, as the case more accurately is. I will post an in progress painting that I’ve been trying to get looking right for a couple of months. It is of this photograph taken in NZ:

Tree painting: photograph

and the work to date looks like the following. I started laying on rough colours, messed that up adding white (which always happens: I’ll learn one day) so overpainted the whole sheet and redrew the tree, adding some more bits to improve the composition, painted in the tree with a yellow ochre (I think) then tried adding actual colours and detailing.

Tree painting #1 Tree painting #2 Tree painting #3 Tree painting #4 Tree painting #5 Tree painting #6

The last version is after trying to put a faint purple wash over the background of the last one to lighten it and ending up with a complete mess. I simply painted over the whole background with a light blue and am trying to figure out how to darken it and put in the hazy detail without making more of a mess. I’ve been trying to figure it out for two weeks!

Tree painting #7

I quite like the dark edges around the tree and the way it now stands out so I’ll need to add the detailing without, perhaps, dulling the background too much. The tree needs to look like a tree as well. Lots to do. Will hit the books I’ve got out the library to see if anything there strikes me. Hope I figure something out before I run out of paint (or patience).

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  1. Hi Tony, this is Antonio from Barcelona, Spain. I was trying to fix my blog´s profile in wordpress ( I don´t still know how I suddenlly got to a page where after writing the word “painting” I got to your blog and this post. The magical thing is that I´m just painting something new where one of the inspirations come from a tree that almost looks like the one of your picture. Amazing and astonishing.
    Any way, best regards and lots of luck
    Antonio Basso

  2. You wellcome. I love yout trees. Best Regards from Barcelona

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