Penguin chicks in nests

These shots show just how close the tunnels at Penguin Place run to the nests. We are told to be extra quiet and the camera shutter noise doesn’t seem to bother the chicks but you could pretty much reach out and touch them. Awesome. I cannot imagine the work involved in constructing these tunnels through sand dunes.

penguin chick in nest #1

penguin chick in nest #2

A little cropping and sharpening on these shots: the pics stand for themselves.

Later edit: couple of shots of the tunnels themselves.

Tunnel #1  Tunnel #2

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  1. Nice pictures! The birds never got that close for us when we were there almost two years ago. Those shots look way easier to take than mine, I had to use a telephoto lens and binoculars to get closeups.

    • Yeh, the one pair had nested within a couple of metres of the tunnel. Could almost have reached out and touched the chicks. The guide was very anxious that we not make any noise or sudden movements to disturb them though which I guess is why the parents felt safe nesting there. Great experience.

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