This was supposed to be a ‘make-up’ poem, one which made up for the two days I missed earlier this week. I started this yesterday but have had hay-fever come on and not got much done today. I’ll post this and see whether I get any more done today.

This poem is in response to a prompt on Margo Roby’s site, to compose a blason/blazon type of poem. Follow the links to see what that is and some examples. I took my lead from a photograph previously posted to this blog. I imagined the girl as a geeky type, fancying the guy who’d stopped to accept a leaflet from her, and then wrote her thoughts.


I hid my geeky self behind this clutch
of leaflets and stepped into his path. He
stopped and raised his shades and turned on me
eyes of such bright attention I wanted
to hold that regard forever. I launched
the pitch by rote, my mouth rambled on but
in my mind, oh, my mind drew him in
like a master draughtsman his muse.

He stood, as sure in his place as ancients
imagined the sun, but with an easeful
pose, born surely of others’ high regard.
His hair was cropped close and I imagined
it soft as a black bear’s fur, felt his scalp
ripple beneath my probing fingertips.
At a tilt of the head, his eyes caught
the light and turned a translucent green as of
new grown leaf at the uppermost tree tip.
His mouth seemed to reflect my own words,
motile with but uncommanded by his thoughts.
His arm came out to take a leaflet
and I imagined the two encircling me.

But they didn’t. A girlfriend came to claim
my dream. I watched them go and was… bereft.

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  1. Oh! I like what you have done. I love when someone takes an exercise and spins it. My favourite parts are the movements, or 8implied movements, which, given the two are standing still, are fairly constant. That makes the scene come alive like a short movie, while we are seeing the whole through the speaker’s thoughts. And, you kept the end, which could have been cliche, from being so. Nice!

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