The prompt for today’s poem was to ‘list 3-5 lightbulb moments you’ve had in your lifetime. Is there a way to string them together in a single poem?’ The one or two personal lightbulb moments I could recall were too embarrassing to make into a published poem (I’m not interested in revelatory poetry, writing or reading it).

So, I thought to write about someone else’s moment and thought of the moment when Einstein came up with that part of General Relativity in which spacetime is seen as a Riemannian geometry in four dimensions (apologies if I’ve misrepresented either the theory or the order in which Einstein came up with it).


At this instant, the universe
flip-flopped and became
other in his eyes. Creation
stretched out from naught
to endless nothing. He
and the world puddled
into the canvas of reality
and nothing moved
but that it curved
around him. This time
and place became the point
at which understanding began.

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