I’ve missed the past two days of the poem-a-day challenge for April. I’ll try to make them up later in the month, but here is today’s composition. I was doing some research for another (hopefully publishable) poem and came across a description of the Gömböc. Follow that link for more information but, basically, it is a solid shape which has one stable and one unstable point of equilibrium.

What this means is that the shape, put down any how, will rattle about until it reaches the stable point of equilibrium. It has one and only one other point of equilibrium but that point is unstable, like balancing a pencil on the sharpened tip of its lead. Having been described mathematically, it has also been manufactured and can be bought here. The look of this object and the idea of it fascinated me, and the following poem resulted.


Let us, together, you and I,
rock back and forth upon this,
this stable point of equilibrium
that holds us fast. Let us rock
and tip ourselves, rock back
and forth, in and out of this
stable point until we reach
the other side. There,
on the other side is what
we need most desperately
to reach. That point, over
there. Over and over, rocking
further and farther to reach that point
that is the point of unstable
equilibrium. That point where
we will balance like a pencil
upon its finely sharpened tip.
This tip, where the least
vibration, the very least puff
of an unkind breath will tip
us over, this is the sharp end
of our love. Here is a real life.
Oh, let us rock together, my dear,
you and I, together.

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