Hmm. The prompt for today’s poem was simply to use the words kinetic, tendril, bliss, embolden & blossom in the poem. This was not easy. I’d thought of doing something in response to the Guardian Comment is Free article about the action of police in kettling peaceful protesters in response to the actions of an isolated violent few and the resultant radicalisation this is causing. I got something down but don’t think it much good. Although the constraint of using specific words may spark some creativity, I suspect in this case it did the opposite. Maybe with more time I could have come up with better.


Kettle the many tendrils of dissent
with and for a kinetic violence
and even the meek will be emboldened
into casting the first stone. Then let civic
strife blossom forth and vines of destruction
wrap our cities with flame and blissful
sleep will be unknown for generations.

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