Terminal moraine

Fascinating prompt at NotWithoutPoetry for today: to Write a poem incorporating last line of your favorite song, the main spice or ingredient in your favorite dish, and a geologic form.

My favourite song is Wake Up, Little Sparrow, as sung by Lizz Wright on her Dreaming Wide Awake album and the last line is ‘Don’t make your home out in the snow’. My favourite dish is the Leek Flan that my wife makes in which she uses ‘cayenne pepper’ as the main spice. And favourite geological feature is the ‘terminal moraine’, mainly because our daughter learned about it in high school, we all love the name and have learned how to identify them whenever we drive anywhere with ancient glaciation.

Well, here it is. It follows the prompt with one change to the song line (which, ok, pretty much reverses the meaning). The poem seemed to be heading towards a melodramatic conclusion but a little nudge and it came right.

Terminal moraine

Your frozen glances and glares are gone
but their years long glacial push
through the valley of my soul has left
a terminal moraine of
and self-hatred that even now
can choke me at an open door.

Alone, you touched me, but you chose
to build your home out in the snow.
At first, there was an open fire
but, soon, you extinguished
until all doors were locked on my side
with me shut in with you and the cold.

But some cinder of self remained.
I found it – somehow – one day.
One breath enlivened it. It flared!
I burned your house, and with it
its locks,
its doors
and you.
A pinch of cayenne pepper can melt
a glacier. The moraine remains but

one rock at a time, I will clear it.

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  1. This is beautiful Tony, there is so much to a moraine!

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