Ten lessons for superheroes

The prompt for today was to take one of the postcards at PostSecret (they seem to be different each day with no way of getting the past ones) and make a narrative of it. Well, I followed half of that; I used one of the postcards to spin out the poem below.

The actual postcard is at the bottom of this post but, in case the image disappears, it reads: You are convinced that my driving improves “drastcally” when I wear my glasses. I have 20/20 vision. They’re fake.

I took the idea of someone who wore fake glasses to hide their real abilities and came up with the following. I’ll hang onto that card as I think there is an even better poem within it.

Ten lessons for superheroes

Wear dark glasses to hide
your supernatural identity.

Inhabit dark places
where you can shed that outer skin.

Never fall in love
lest you be betrayed.

Beware rocks from your past:
they’ll weaken your resolve.

Spend time working out
as lycra is unforgiving.

Never take lovers:
they’ll be your Achilles’ heel.

Accrue a vast fortune,
a butler and a willing boy.

The world will never thank you:
humans are made that way.

Never fall in love
for a lover is doomed to die.

Never fall in love.

PostSecret, wearing plain glasses

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  1. Love this! It made me smile so big this morning.

  2. Amazing poem, Tony. Instant classic.

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