Do as I say

The prompt for today was to write a poem using metonymy,“a figure of speech used in rhetoric in which a thing or concept is not called by its own name, but by the name of something intimately associated with that thing or concept.”

It is a concept hard to recognise, or one easy to confuse with other figures of speech, but I think I’ve used it. I’ll let others decide.

Do as I say

The voice is insistent.
Do it, it says. Do as I say.
Sleep is disturbed.
I command you, it says.
Work is a mess.
You vowed to obey.
He stops his ears.
I will not go away.

No one but he receives
these demands. His wife
is worried he’s ill, but
the voice is insistent.

And so he relents.
He pretends a quick walk
to the hills and back,
takes with him, his son
and the slaughtering blade.

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