The end

Nothing to do with today’s prompt from Not Without Poetry. It would seem that I’ve been watching far too much Brian Cox and Jim Al-Khalili. So this is one for the physicists and astronomers, probably less so for the poets.

The end

In this dream, entropy takes the upper hand.
You and I, we cease to be. Our cells
float free. Gravity fails and
a dark energy

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  1. dorlamoorehouse

    I love a good physics poem. 🙂

    • Me too. I’ll keep trying to write a *good* one.

      Just reread it. ‘overwhelms’ isn’t quite right. ‘separates’ is weak, ‘estranges’ maybe? ‘dissevers’? That’s the problem of one-a-day I guess, not enough pondering.

      • Yes, I’ll go with ‘dissevers’ for now.

      • And again. Had to change ‘You and I disorganize’ as it weakened and made redundant ‘dissevers’. Better with ‘You and I, we cease to be’ as the emphasis is placed on the ‘we’.

  2. I love ‘disseveres’. Great word. Also, you know physics used to be called ‘natural philosophy’, don’t you? I think it’s got the most poetic of ideas.

    • Thanks, Nikki. Where would we be without our thesauri? 🙂

      I agree with you. I think it is great that we have people like Al-Khalili and Cox who can convey the awe and beauty of the physical universe in ways that we can reuse and repurpose for poetry.

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