One art work a week

Yet another challenge. In order to keep myself doing art, mainly painting, I intend to post one piece each week. It’ll either be a work in progress or whatever I did during any painting class I attended.

For the start, I’m showing the work I did during this week’s acrylic painting class with Dawn and Val at Gallery 18 in Loughborough. In case you cannot work out what it is supposed to be, I’ve also included a photograph I took of the actual still life.

guitar and tambourineguitar?

I like the colours in the painting. I’ve restricted myself to using only four colours (Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, Permanent Rose and Cadmium Yellow plus Titanium White) to try to get used to combining them and to stop myself trying too hard to get a perfect representation of the actual colours I see (I’m not really into representation though I do accept that I should tackle it some time to build my skills – not yet though).

I must learn to stop using white straight onto the canvas. It always tends to ruin whatever I’m painting. Small spots are ok but using it for the light lines of the chrome around the edge of the guitar and the reflections from the strings has not worked. I really need to figure out how to paint a smooth line, too. We’re to do some abstract work next week so I’ll ask to be shown how to do this better.

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  1. I think it’s important to do what you are doing and practise seeing what needs improvement -without concentrating too much on turning it into an isolated, stylised ‘icon’ in one’s head. ie if you can see patches of colour, rather than eg ‘the fretboard’, the result usually works better. The bridge on the guitar actually looks very good.

    • Thanks, Patrick. I completely agree with you. I’m not very good at ‘seeing’ the patches of colour, though. At the moment, I’m just trying to lay down colour that seems to work (not that I could say what I mean by ‘work’ except to point at Derain’s London pictures – I also need to get more confidence in painting over the bits that don’t work, something I’m going to do later today I hope with another piece that just isn’t ‘working’.

      Funny you mention the bridge, actually. When I looked at the two pics side by side as above, it did seem that the bridge was ‘right’ and all the rest needed rearranging around it 🙂

      • Valerie turton

        I think a really good observation of shape and colour that has presented some problems (as ever) …a brilliant way to learn ! White is always a problem and can be mixed ‘down’ to give the required suggested highlights . I like this tho Tony. Abstraction should be fun . !

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