Pic a Day

In yet another attempt to get myself to regularly update this blog, I’ve decided to post one picture a day from now on. This may not be the most auspicious day to begin something new (though it is the day I left Australia for the UK 33 years ago) and I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into a one-post joke, but we’ll see.

I have intended to go through old photographs for some time now, and adjust and save the ones that most appeal to me. I’ve been paying for 50Gb option on Dropbox for just over a year and not filled it up yet, so it is about time I did so. I’ll start with one of the ten I used in ordering sample business cards from Moo.

Who knows, if I ever manage to take in the excellent advice from my painting teachers, Dawn Healey-Dakin and Val Turton, I may even occasionally post some of my ‘art’ up here as well.

I’m not sure about the protocol of posting pics to WordPress. Will start by embedding one of the afore-mentioned ten from Flickr. If that doesn’t work, I’ll insert them directly here.

Here’s the first one, an arty shot of a tree coming out the side of a cliff in front of a waterfall, the shot slowed to blur the water:

hanging on

The other nine from that set are up on my Flickr photostream.

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  1. Very nice! Good composition and I like how you slowed the shutter to blur the water in the background. Looks great with the bokeh created with the DOV.

  2. Valerie turton

    Outstanding shot Tony… I look forward to seeing a painterly interpretation too !

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