A poem a day for April

In the US, April is National Poetry Month and the Not Without Poetry site has set the challenge of writing a poem a day. Perhaps rather foolishly, I have accepted this challenge for however long I can manage it.

My first effort has ignored the initial prompt, really because it appeared too late for me to take account of it, but also because nothing in the prompt really registers with me. Instead I took as my theme, an inane quote from Universities Minister, David Willetts, in the Mail, that ‘feminist policies had inadvertently halted the improvement in the life chances of working-class men and widened the gap between rich and poor’ (tweeted by @AbiSpinksNC and slapped down with a pointer to this article).

Considering that I usually take six months to write half a poem, this challenge is not going to result in anything publishable so please be gentle in any comments, dear reader.

It’s all her fault

It’s all her fault. She bit
The hand that fed her,
Shunned her role as meek
Nurturer, exalted herself
Above her ordained protector
And brought him down
To a common level.

Bewildered, poor man,
He yearns for someone
To cherish his command
Of being male, to nurse
Back his will to better
His lot, to restore his
Balls. It’s all her fault.

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