iPad drawing

I have started trying out some art apps on the iPad. I’d downloaded a few but without seriously trying them out. But, since starting a local painting course a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d see if any of those apps could help me in my painting. The two I’ve used most in the last week are ArtRage and ASketch.

With ArtRage, I tried importing a photograph as a transparent underlayer and then painting on top of that. This works to a point but you then need to do some serious painting on top of that. I have to say that using ArtRage is just as difficult as using real paint with the advantage being less setting and cleaning up and the wonderful Undo button! It is going to be a while before I can post any of these online!

ASketch is easier to use once you figure out the eccentric way of altering the sketching tool. This is, as the name suggests, an app for sketching only. You get a hard and soft pencil and eraser and that’s it. But it is wonderful to use. I tried copying a couple of b&w photographs from magazines and, while the sketches fall far short of representation, the app itself worked well. I’ll play with that a lot more and, if I get up the courage, may even take it out and do some live drawing!

Those two sketches are up on flickr:



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  1. Thanks for posting this and your About. Enjoyed much. Nice to “meet” you.

    Retirement is for indulging in such as this.

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