Monthly Archives: March 2010

Writing update

So much for keeping this blog up to date. So, where am I?

I have finished four stories, have one stuck and another just started. Of the four, I have submitted three, one each to Analog, Asimov’s and Interzone. The Analog and Interzone ones were rejected and I’ve not heard from Asimov’s. This may not be surprising. The Analog rejection came with a terse note saying that the International Reply Coupon I had sent was invalid, and I had sent the same to Asimov’s.

This was pretty surprising since I had bought them at the main post office in Loughborough at the same time that I sent the manuscripts. Turns out that, not only had they sold me IRCs which had expired at the end of last year, but they had not stamped the ones sent out, without which they are invalid! I got my money back and am about to send emails of apology to the editors of those two magazines. Just as well Interzone is in the UK.

I have also joined critters. This is an online community of SF/F/H writers who post their work and get it critiqued. You have to post a number of critiques before being eligible for getting your own work sent out. I’ve never been any good at workshops and dislike critiquing other people’s work but am managing so far and have just uploaded one of my stories to be considered: it ought to go out end of April as long as I keep up my rate of critiquing.