Happy holidays

Just noticed last post was on my birthday, so figured I should do one for xmas as well. Not got a lot further with the third story. I have the subject, approach and layout but not making a lot of headway with the writing. Wrote the first two sections but then deleted them and went back to my notepad. Have restarted but still not too sure I’ve got it right. I was just about to start work on the second section (while wife & daughter work on xmas lunch; I’m keeping well away: wife thought they were aiming at 2pm so did the roast potatoes for then while daughter thought 1:30pm and was aiming the chicken to be ready for that time) when I thought to write this.

Will hit that section now while on second glass of bubbly: need to drink it all today: left one in fridge lying down – only way it’ll fit – couple of days ago and it exploded, emptying everywhere and stinking the fridge out so was only allowed to have second bottle (Tesco Cava as recommended in G) today if I finished it – bottle is on back step keeping cold and I keep going and topping glass up – sort of explains this post I guess.

Ho hum and bah humbug – happy xmas to all.

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