Bye, bye, redundancy money :)

Well, my redundancy money is pretty much gone now. What did I spend it on? Not books as those who know me well would assume.

First was a new camera. I already have a Nikon Coolpix P50 which is fantastic for carrying around in a coat pocket and a Nikon Coolpix 8800 which Vicky is now using but I wanted to go the DSLR route. As is obvious, I’m a Nikon fetishist so the new one had to be that rather than the other brand which does not begin with an ‘N’. And the price could not be such that Maggie dropped dead right on the spot (so leaving out the D3X and D300s, drool!). I settled then for the D90 and really love it: the speed, the feel, the ease of shooting, everything about it.

Next came a new PC. I wanted to start seriously manipulating my photographs so wanted kit that would enable me to do this to the best of my ability (limited) and budget (even more limited). I checked out the reviews at the PCPro website. They do a great job on tech reviews. I didn’t find anything that leaped out at me but I did notice that Chillblast seems to always be near the top of the review list. I looked at their site and, right on the front page, was a machine aimed at photographers the Fusion Photo OC III. Really nice looking piece of kit: 12Gb memory, i7 chip, 80Gb SSD and 2 x 1Tb drives. I did some research on monitors as well, using the expertise on DPReview mainly. Looked like I needed some sort of IPS technology based monitor and the DELL 2408WFP offered by Chillblast was one such: very expensive though. In the end, I stuck with the Dell and just cut out all the extras I was planning to buy with the computer.

The PC arrived a week ago. It was bigger than I imagined so is now under the desk rather than on top as I’d planned, which is fine. Lots of pretty blue lights as well 🙂 I’ve now got it pretty much set up with Win 7 64-bit Home Premium, all the necessary software and loads of peripherals plugged in (Logitech Wave keyboard/mouse, Logitech 2.1 speakers, Wacom Graphire 4 pad, HP 4850 scanner, Canon iP5000, Airport and Belkin USB Network hub).

Only thing missing from all that, if I’m going to write, is a laser printer. Again looked around and found a pretty cheap one, Brother HL-2037 (black version of 2035 AFAICS) on Amazon. That arrived yesterday and is now plugged into the Belkin hub so we can use it from any other computer in the house.

Anyway, that is pretty much it for the redundancy money. Now to earn it all back selling stories and photographs (where is a smiley for wry hopeless grin when you need it?).

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