Retired, bemused

At the end of June the SKUA project finished and so, too, did the only contribution to my position at Leicester: I was receiving 0.3FTE towards my salary. After June, nothing. There had been several irons in the fire (and a lot of time spent organising and writing proposals) but all came to naught and, around the end of September, the university served notice of redundancy. October was spent negotiating this and the upshot was that I took early retirement.

And it is truly weird. We had already booked a couple of weeks up in the Scottish Highlands at the end of October, so the last two weeks of my employment were spent on holiday and so the date of retirement passed largely unnoticed. I still, two weeks later, feel as if I am on holiday. I guess I am at that … until I drop dead that is.

No idea what I will do in retirement (even typing that is surreal: I am too immature to be retired!). Idea of a PhD in Philosophy disappeared when I discovered that I would have to fund it myself: my meagre pension would not cover that. The current plan is to write and I’m working on, initially, some science fiction stories. It is well known that no-one gets published straight off so what I will do when I receive nowt but rejection letters, I do not know. I do not take rejection well.

I bought a DSLR at last (Nikon D90) with some of the redundancy payout and have also ordered a new computer with the idea to use it to work up some of my photographs for display. That at least is something I can do solely for my own pleasure (whereas writing has to be published IMO).

And, there is always art: I like drawing and would like to learn how to paint but I am not sure I am ready yet to join all the real OAPs at the village hall for watercolours.

First thing to do is to get off my butt and finish at least one story. More on that later…

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  1. Hi Tony,

    I’ve come via your PHILOS-L message and our LinkedIn connection to this blog and news of your retirement. But the more interesting news is your pursuit of fiction and philosophy. Wishing you all the best in those. I recommend joining a writing group if you can find one where you live. It can be a great motivator in the long slog that is creative writing.

    Hope you find your groove.



  2. Great to hear from you, Randy. I’ve tried writing groups in the past and they haven’t worked out for me: guess I’m not the social sort, as if that needed saying 🙂

    But could certainly do with the motivator – best one I’ve found is having to sit somewhere waiting for wife or daughter! Get loads of work done that way. At home, procrastination is the one thing I get done most.

    Must get a post back to PHILOS-L re responses I got to that question…

    Take care.

  3. Tony
    I was shocked when I saw news of your retirement via LinkedIn and wondered what the story behind it was. Now I know. It’s been reassuring to see you surface again via twitter (which is also what led me to this blog.) FWIW, I think it’s Leicester’s loss and JISC’s loss – I always had a lot of time for what you had to say at JIIE. Hope the writing is proving enjoyable – the recent tweets make it sound that way.

  4. Thanks for those kind words, Kevin. I do miss the JISC environment and people I worked with. I could have stuck around as a consultant or just volunteer but, without the institutional link, I thought I’d have less and less credibility as time went on. Besides which, I’d end up spending all my time on JISC work as a way of not-writing: I’m good at procrastination! So, I decided to sever all links and try the writing thang. I don’t regret this (well, not too much) but I do miss you all. Good luck with all your ventures, too.

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