Old age or common sense?

I’m just waiting for a taxi to take me to the airport to fly to Crete for the ESWC 2009 meeting… and I really do not want to go. The hotel looks okay, am really looking forward to exploring Knossos tomorrow but, frankly, I’d rather stay at home, get some work done, read the three books I had delivered yesterday (Spinoza: A Life, Lavinia, The Little Stranger) and sleep in my own bed. In fact, right now, I’d like to work on a WordPress addin that provided links to phrases that you type!!

So, am I just getting old and curmudgeonly (well, more so) or just realising that the vast majority of what I do at the other end of my travels could be achieved just as well at home: yes, except for meeting and talking to people, which I’ve found really valuable at past meetings – ok, I guess I am just getting old and curmudgeonly!

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